Ellipsis Illuminator

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Ellipsis Illuminator
Ellipsis Illuminator
Ellipsis Illuminator

The Ellipsis Illuminator is portable, weatherproof, and waterproof.  It even floats in water!  You can set the tone of a calming sensory space anytime, anywhere with a versatile Sensory Illuminator.  Just add some quiet, soothing music and you have transformed any room, or even a patio, deck or pool into a truly peaceful oasis.

  • 4 modes: flash, strobe, fade and smooth
  • 16 different colors
  • Controlled with one-touch remote (included)
  • Remains illuminated for 8-10 hours

No batteries are required.

Dimensions: 13" High x 13" Width
3.25 lbs

To charge a Sensory Illuminator, plug the charging base into any standard (120-volt) outlet.  Put the Sensory Illuminator on the charging base and charge for 4 to 5 hours.

When charged, press the “On” button on the remote and then choose your color, brightness and speed of color change preference.

Sensory Illuminators can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and any household multi-purpose cleaner or disinfectant.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they could harm the surface of the Illuminator.

If you represent a company, school or institution please call (203) 885-0984 or please click here. Special Orders

This specialized device has been developed for use by people with disabilities.

It should not be used without prior knowledge and consent of a guardian or professional who is qualified to assess the abilities and limitations of the individual using the device.

Ellipsis Illuminator
Ellipsis Illuminator
Ellipsis Illuminator

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