Mini Switch - Red #750R


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Our bright Mini Switches are high-quality, durable switches, built to withstand heavy-duty use.  They feature a colorful 1-3/8-inch activation surface.  And when pressed, the switch clicks, providing audible feedback to the user.  They also have a non-skid base to prevent slipping during use.


To use the Mini Switch, insert the 1/8 plug into the jack of any switch-adapted toy or device.  If it is necessary to use a 1/8th adapter, it must be a mono  adapter, not stereo.

Make sure that the connection is tight and there are no gaps.

Now, simply press anywhere on the Mini Switch's colorful top to activate your toy or device.  Generally, the device will remain activated as long as the switch is pressed and will turn off when you release the switch.  However, some devices will continue to activate even when the switch is released.  Pressing the switch a second time will turn off that device.  Check the specification of each device your are activating.

No batteries are required.


If the Mini Switch does not activate your toy or device, first check the connection between the plug and the jack to make sure there is no gap.

If this does not correct the problem, try a different one to determine if the problem is in the switch or the device it is plugged into.

If you are using an adapter, try a different one to determine if the problem is with the adapter.


The Mini Switch can be wiped clean with any household multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface.

Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the electrical components.


If you represent a company, school or institution please call (203) 885-0984 or please click here. Special Orders

This specialized device has been developed for use by people with disabilities.

It should not be used without prior knowledge and consent of a guardian or professional who is qualified to assess the abilities and limitations of the individual using the device.

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