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Mushroom Garden #953 by Best Learning


Mushroom Garden is an award-winning[1] interactive educational toy with light-up mushroom buttons that teaches colors and numbers and plays short musical refrains.  We have recessed the toy into a white mold to stabilize it for users with motor control difficulties. It has two suction cups and two anti-skid bumpers to keep it in place, but it can also be clamped to a table if necessary.

Mushroom Garden is ideal for teaching and developing:

  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Music
  • Eye-hand co-ordination
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Logical thinking
  • Motor functions
  • Concentration
  • Problem solving
  • Dexterity
  • Memory


[1]Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award 2017

 Family Choice Award Winner 2018

 Mom’s Choice Gold Metal

 Tillywig Brain Child Award

The Mushroom Garden requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).  We recommend using Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries only.  Other types of batteries supply lower voltage and the unit may not perform properly. Do not use rechargeable batteries and never mix old and new or different brands or types of batteries.

The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the toy and can be accessed via the bottom of the mold.  Remove the battery cover and install 3 AAA batteries, paying attention to battery polarity. Replace the battery cover and secure it with the screw.

Slide the ON/OFF/Volume control button, located inside the white mold to turn on the power.  Choose between two volume levels.

Press the blue mode button in the center of the toy to select different modes.

123 Number Mode:

Learn numbers by counting the dots on the mushrooms.  Push down the mushroom to hear the number value. Push it again to hear more.

Color Mode (Paint brush):

Learn colors as the mushroom lights up.  Simply push down the mushroom to head the name of the color.  Push the mushroom again to hear more.  Push it again to hear music. 

Music Mode (Musical Note):

Press the mushrooms and listen to the eight notes of the scale.

Game Mode (Star):

Play three games:

  • “Where is the yellow mushroom?”
  • “Which mushroom has four white dots?”
  • “Follow me!” Watch the pattern and repeat it.

The pattern gets longer as you progress.

If the Mushroom Garden does not turn ON or does not respond:

  1. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly.
  2. Make sure the battery cover is securely attached.
  3. Remove the batteries and put them back in.
  4. Clean battery compartment by rubbing lightly with a soft eraser and then wiping with a clean dry cloth
  5. Replace the batteries paying close attention to polarity.

If you will not be using the toy for an extended amount of time, remove the batteries.

Keep the product away from goods and beverages.

The Mushroom Garden can be wiped clean with a damp cloth any household multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the surface.

Do not submerge the unit as it will damage the electrical components.

Avoid exposing the product to extreme temperatures.



If you represent a company, school or institution please call (203) 885-0984 or please click here. Special Orders

This specialized device has been developed for use by people with disabilities.

It should not be used without prior knowledge and consent of a guardian or professional who is qualified to assess the abilities and limitations of the individual using the device.

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