Paddy the Gel-A-Pillar #0806


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Paddy the Gel-A-Pillar #0806
Paddy the Gel-A-Pillar #0806
Smiling Paddy, with his arms spread wide, invites all to explore his gel pad musical busy box.  Paddy is an excellent resource for sensory stimulation.
  • Two of the most popular musical nursery rhymes:Row,
     Row, Row Your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
    • Another upbeat musical tune
    • An amusing Boing buzzer
    • Excellent sound quality.
    • Four 4-1/2-inch diameter squishy gel pads filled with bright, translucent beads, glitter and colored gel, which not only provide a large target area, but also offer calming sensory-stimulation
    • 2 separate activation areas that present different intensities of vibration stimulation
    • All five switches are easily activated with very little pressure
    • A large smiling, happy, animated Paddy activation switch
    • 4 differently-colored squishy activation switches filled with bright, translucent beads, glitter and colored gel
    • A multitude of differently-colored LED lights
    • A bright yellow mold that provides strong contrast to the 4 squishy gel activation sites

    This busy box provides large activation areas:

    • Paddy activation switch area - 8-3/4”x5-3/4”
    • Squishy gel pads - 4-1/2-inches in diameter

    Paddy the Gel-a-Pillar requires 6 AA and 2 C batteries (not included).  We recommend using Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries only.  Other types of batteries supply lower voltage and the unit may not perform properly. Do not use rechargeable batteries and never mix old and new or different brands or types of batteries.

    The battery compartments are located on the bottom of the unit.  Remove the battery covers and install the batteries, paying attention to battery polarity. Replace the battery covers and secure them with the screws.

    Turn the unit on by turning the “On/Off/Volume” knobs clockwise.  It is located at the back of the unit, allowing for easy access.

    Apply gentle pressure anywhere on the Paddy switch and he will vibrate as a lively musical rhythm plays and bright green LEDs surrounding him light up.  Adjust the volume level to your preference by turning the “On/Off/Volume”.

    Press anywhere on the squishy green gel pad to light up bright green LEDs surrounding it and to activate an amusing combination of sound effects.

    When the red gel pad is touched, children sing the nursery rhyme “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and bright red LEDs that encircle the pad light.  The volume level can be adjusted to your preference by turning the “On/Off/Volume” control knob on the back of the unit.

    Pressing the orange gel pad activates a strong vibration and bright yellow LEDs around the gel pad illuminate.

     When the blue gel pad is touched, children begin singing the nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and bright, multi-colored LEDs surrounding that gel pad twinkle like stars in response to the music.

    To turn the unit off, turn the “On/Off/Volume” switch counterclockwise until it clicks off.


    If the Gel-a-Pillar does not function correctly:

    1. Be sure that the “On/Off/Volume” switch is turned on.
    2. Replace the batteries paying close attention to polarity.


    • The gel pads are latex-free.
    • Do not freeze them
    • Do not use them orally

    If you will not be playing with Paddy the Gel-a-Pillar for an extended amount of time, remove the batteries.

    The unit can be wiped clean with any household multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

    Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the surface.

    Do not submerge the unit as it will damage the electrical components.


    If you represent a company, school or institution please call (203) 885-0984 or please click here. Special Orders

    This specialized device has been developed for use by people with disabilities.

    It should not be used without prior knowledge and consent of a guardian or professional who is qualified to assess the abilities and limitations of the individual using the device.

    Paddy the Gel-A-Pillar #0806
    Paddy the Gel-A-Pillar #0806

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