Spinning Light Show


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Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show

Spinning Light Show - #804

Our Spinning Light Show exhibits a kaleidoscope of visually-mesmerizing light patterns. 

Gently press the large red switch and feel a soft vibration as a rhythmic, upbeat melody plays and an ever-changing hypnotic light show commences. The Spinning Light Show also can be activated by any external capability switch.

This therapeutic device is suitable for all ages and abilities, and it is invaluable as a stimulating, motivating, and absorbing teaching tool.

It can aid with:

  • Visual and Auditory Sensory Stimulation
  • Listening skills
  • Tracking
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Anticipation
  • Cause and effect
  • Relaxation and Calming

The built-in activation switch is:

  • 2-3/4 inches in diameter, providing a large target area.
  • easily activated with very little pressure
  • set against an ebony black mold to provide high contrast to aid the visually impaired.

Note:  This unit should not be used with seizure-prone individuals

Spinning Light Show requires 9 AA batteries (not included).  We recommend using Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries only.  Other types of batteries supply lower voltage and the unit may not perform properly. Do not use rechargeable batteries and never mix old and new or different brands or types of batteries.

The battery compartments are located on the bottom of the unit.  Remove the battery covers and install the batteries, paying attention to battery polarity. Replace the battery covers and secure them with the screws.

Turn the unit on by turning the “On/Off/Volume” knob located on the side of the unit clockwise.

When the built-in activation switch is pressed, the lights, music and vibration will play.  When you release pressure on the plate, they stop.

Adjust the volume level of the music to your preference by turning the “On/Off/Volume” control either clockwise (higher volume) or counterclockwise (lower volume).

To activate Spinning Light Show with an external capability switch with a 1/8-inch plug, insert the 1/8-inch plug into the 1/8-inch jack on the side of the unit.  Be sure there are no gaps between the jack and the plug.

To turn the unit OFF turn the “On/Off/Volume” knob counterclockwise until you hear a click.

If the Spinning Light Show does not function correctly replace all batteries paying close attention to polarity. 

If you are using an external switch:

  1. Make sure that the external capability switch is pushed all the way in and there is no gap.
  2. Try your switch with another switch-operated device to rule out the switch as the source of the problem.

If you will not be using the Spinning Light Show for an extended amount of time, remove the batteries.

Spinning Light Show can be wiped clean with any household multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the surface.

Do not submerge the unit as it will damage the electrical components.


If you represent a company, school or institution please call (203) 885-0984 or please click here. Special Orders

This specialized device has been developed for use by people with disabilities.

It should not be used without prior knowledge and consent of a guardian or professional who is qualified to assess the abilities and limitations of the individual using the device.

Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show

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